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“You can be my Yoko Homo”.

Good morning fair-weather friends, foul-weather companions and sunken inanimate wreckage. You are acknowledged!

Most importantly, a cresting wave of gratitude to the amazing Gareth and his more than generous donation. Without you I would have even less time for these artistic pursuits and your support means more to me than these silly letter’s amalgamation could possibly describe. You sir, are a prince among men and a king among princes. If that makes any sense… Granted we may still disagree on the need for delicacy when cooking bacon upon a BBQ. 🙂

Moving on! A terrible pun the commence the day. I was discussing with one of my lovely new co-workers how her glasses made her look like a “Sexy-Female-John-Lennon”. And I stand by that slightly unusual pronouncement.  My assessment concluded, I realized I could break up the band by acting as her “Yoko-Homo”. Maybe you had to be there.

Canadian amigos, there has been a great article passing around via The Beaverton. An Onion-style satiracle news website that nevertheless provides superlative political rhetoric. Discussing the need for 22,000 new blood donors the title incorporates the notion that failing to do so they may have to actually do the right thing and allow homosexual men to donate. This has been a personal cause of fury for many years. In the early 1980’s Canadian Red Cross followed suit with the US policy of an indefinite deferral for any sexually active homosexual man. We may not have known any better at the time but this policy remained on the books until 2013.

The resolution? You then needed only be celibate for 5 years before earning consideration. That seems reasonable… Between then and I believe 2016 the time period has been reduced to one year. Fantastic. Even a complete loser like me can still mange to get laid on an annual basis.

Here’s my point, this policy was and still is beyond discriminatory. Promiscuous heterosexual men who eschew all forms of protection are welcomed, while responsible gays are cast aside for a supposedly life-saving endeavor. I donated blood in high school back when I was either celibate or still banging chicks, they still call me every 6 months or so begging for donations. I’m certainly not blaming the employees but holy fuck, people are dying, my blood is untainted, I’m willing to give, get your shit together people! That is all.

-Alex Blaikie

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  1. I gave blood several times starting in my student days when I decided to give blood after an exam. It was an excellent way to relax. Unlike a lot of students I had a very lonely time and so didn’t have to worry about certain rules, but as time went on it became more of an issue. I never understood the logic behind it, but that was one of the reasons I stopped giving blood, the other being the last time my arm wouldn’t stop seeping and it rather put me off. My blood was practically black, I was worried I was secretly a Klingon.

    Anyway, good point, I agree with you. 🙂

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  2. This 72-year-old decidedly straight female is very pissed off on your behalf. As a Libra (not that I believe that shit, :-D) I hate any form of injustice, and this is not only unjust but STOOPID. So there.

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