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Happy Midterm Elections Day to all my stateside chums and other interested stakeholders and bystanders. The first true referendum on the condition of democracy since the flummoxing it took a couple of years ago. You are in my thoughts, friends. I pray for a more considered result.

A couple of weeks back I made some lame joke riffing on the platitude of,”a problem shared is a problem doubled”, somebody called me on it and I decided to reconsider the notion more thoroughly. I’ve been considering it for a few days now and digitally scribbled this down while cooking breakfast this morning. The off kilter syllable count and alternating rhyme scheme were unplanned but pleasing, to me anyway. Enjoy!

“Rounders”, November 6, 2018.

Problem shared’s a problem doubled

Think we need to check that math

One plus one is two yet troubled

Much more like to equal half

If two minds are indeed greater

Than voltage gleaned from but one

Discover convention traitor

Those who stack trouble by sum

So solve a bit and just round down

You will be most pleased to find

We’re smiling now banished that frown

From your face and from your mind.

For me the idea here is that fleshing out your problem with a buddy always helps improve your moral if nothing else. Dedicate a second brain to the conundrum and formulate a structured plan. Or mathematically, 1 between two becomes a half each, find the solution for a tiny piece and then, below 0.5, round your problem down to non-existence. You could also take the log of each side of the equation to access the exponent terms and solve for “x” . Ok… maybe just the first one.

It is such an amazing fall day I’m going to cut it off here and take the pup for an exploratory mission. Kick up some leaves and scare up some rabbits. Taste the delectable flavors upon the wind. Please note that has no affiliation to painting with all the colors of the wind. Incidentally, I will be asking the grinning bobcat why he grins.

Happy Trails and Waggy Tales!

-Alex Blaikie

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A fractured mind held together by cellophane and some used tack.

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  1. One who is stateside, I voted. I tried to do the math in your poem but decided instead just to enjoy that you did it. Made me smile right at the end where you projected. If I were trying the math I’d say 1 plus 1 helps each other, lifting each other’s burdens, adding the element of camaraderie. 1+1=3

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