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Uncomfortably Numb

Bless you for rejoining the dreamscape. Insert two tokens and select your desired reality. Please enjoy a pleasant day.

Welcome, first apologies for the ambivalence with which I’ve treated this forum over the past two weeks. I’d like to say I’ve been crazy busy at work, engaged in a torrid affair or embarked upon a productivity streak along some other vein… alas the culprit is nothing more than a casual malaise with which I am already intimately familiar. It’s quite zen really, empty yet full, happy and sad, glorying in the artistry of the World while bombarded with utter revulsion for it’s sickening depravity. Like they weight some internal scale in equal proportion delivering an end result of uncomfortable numbness.

Enough of these maudlin trivialities! Let’s move on to a matter of actual importance. What think you about a Pirate Santa? Ho Ho Ho and a bottle of rum? If you didn’t like that, you should have seen the first joke I erased…

I DO have a poem for you today. It’s concerning the achievement of an alternate form of balance than previously discussed. Where perverse centrism could be considered the ideal solution. Plus it’s topical, getting chilly out there!

“Macro-Sweaters”, November 3, 2018.

Each day’s a tangled thread unraveling

Fighting through knots and sundry rips

Praying you sustain the correct balance

Between gently pulling and naked devastation.

That is way shorter and slightly better written than I remember. Win-win? People got shit to do, you dig? And no, in this tortured analogy you cannot take care of the string with scissors. Lazy plot development, bro.

Thanks everyone for the patience you’ve shown during the unexpected absence. I’ll see if I cannot bottle some of that shadiness to swig together. For the record, I dream of the time when I have the requisite intangibles aligned to publish daily once more. One love!

Happy Trails and Waggy Tales,

Alex Blaikie

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A fractured mind held together by cellophane and some used tack.

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  1. In terms of imagery and economy of language I would consider this one of your best expressions. It has that gift of staying inside one’s brain to be retrieved and rewound into different situations. Great job and good to have you back. Keep wagging both tails and tales.

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