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Family, Venus, Mitsubishis.

Good morning valued species! Please, should you prefer to go by your Phylum or Class this is a generally inclusive, pseudo-safe-space such that you need only make your preferences known. No Order though, a line must be drawn somewhere!

Carrying right on here, I am due to work later. Recent work has been so out of character as to perhaps shift whatever my baseline writing character is. If that makes any sense…  Like significant data outlier(s) which dramatically reforms your graphed function. Introduction terminated, enjoy!

“Bonsai-Me”, December 4, 2018.

We pick and prune at this analogous bush of life,

Coercing our desired visions into springing forth,

By chiseling at the increasingly tattered mosaic.

But subtractive gains are brief and few,

And all we’ve ever learned is to continue plucking,

Deadheading the unlucky for the perceived majority.

Yet in the absence of organic growth,

Soon only the desiccated stem survives,

A solemn reminder of what, like vapour, fled our clenched fists.

So submit to patience’s irksome backslap

Remember that those things which could be stripped,

Are often better left as first discovered.

Less is more’s a rare phenomenon, neither exception nor rule,

And stimulating new life will likely always be found,

Irrelevant compared to the disparate ease of its destruction.

For those of you who prefer punctuation, consider a bone tossed in your general direction.

Weird 3 line sentence structure was in no way planned but rather sort of built itself as I went. Try reading it twice, there’s a lot of meat to be stripped from this all too fresh corpse. 🙂

I am to be a contributing member of society today and musty therefore be off but please be swell like a fractured limb.

Happy Trails and Waggy Tales!

-Alex Blaikie

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A fractured mind held together by cellophane and some used tack.

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