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Myans and Ligers and Snares, Oh My!

Why was Dorothy so concerned about lions, tigers and bears? The first two are hardly indigenous to Kansas and while the occasional black bear may wander into the southwest corner of the state that’s not exactly in the same realm as quasi-feral flying-monkeys. Those sluts could easily have rabies and I’ve read Cujo twice now… so no thank you.

I reworked the following piece a couple of times. I quite like the beginning and the ending, it’s just the vast majority I dislike. 🙂 I’ll catch up with y’all post-po, Enjoy!

“Assembly”, December 9, 2018.

We’re not unlike a puzzle box

Flawless images outside

But hidden below like sharp rocks

Our more fractured pieces hide

It’s so much harder to construct

Pictures with zero info

Instead we struggle to conduct

Passions into each tired show

So said many would be ahead

Could they steal but a brief glimpse

Of the full scene before they’re dead

And ‘fore both gnarled legs have limps

But in the real world there’s no chance

Pull back this meta- curtain

No opportunity to glance

Or perfect fit that’s certain.

Great news! After a final reworking as I typed it out this time, I think it’s approaching respectability. So I’ve got that going for me…

I really like the idea that no matter how flawlessly the pieces fit together that’s no guarantee you have it in the right place. Far too accurate an assessment of life.

Writing today was like extracting teeth from an ornery lion, (in Kansas), so I’m calling it here. I look forward to irritating you all more over the weekend. Happy whatever and play nice kids.

Happy Trails and Waggy Tales!

-Alexander Blaikie

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A fractured mind held together by cellophane and some used tack.

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