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“Nice Guys Finish Whenever”

What REALLY comes first? “Women and Children” or “Safety”? …Not where you thought I was going with that? You’re gross.

I bore no intentions of posting today but like some insidious, cursed relic the laptop overcame my objections and drew me into its quasi-warm, somewhat irradiating embrace. Sorry boys.

Today’s piece is original and really a bit of an enigma. Is it serious, satirical, a cry for help from a desperate man, likely some combination of preceding seven notions… notions 4-7 made invisible for my amusement. 🙂 I really wrote this just now so feel free to use that fact as either an excuse for my incompetence or as a demonstration of my brilliance. I do not believe those to be mutually exclusive.

“Captain Falcon”, January 22, 2018.

Soaring upon a thermal’s grace

Turn gaze towards the heavens

Forget infernal daily race

And rise like dough and leavens

Float forever on winged breeze

No reactions required

Achieve elevation with ease

Like ball from cannon fired.

It’s sort of dumb but I’m actually rather fond of it. One of these days I’ll craft a grown-up version based on the same ideas but with less whimsy and increased gravitas. If I’m actually capable of doing so, that is.

That’s all I have for you! This things runs considerably more laborious when the poetry is also written live. Plus the pressure. The dog has been watching me the entire time and her face is extremely judgmental. Additionally her written feedback is hardly complimentary. She’s a harsh editor. I think she’s barking. Just a last dad joke for the trail.

Peace and Love yo,


-Alexander Blaikie

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A fractured mind held together by cellophane and some used tack.

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  1. Question – I think of myself being more experienced at writing in prose (essay, short story, novel format), and thus with revising and editing that material. What do you find yourself revising when you revise poetry? What are the things that you try to look for to make improvements?

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    1. I particularly love this question because it forces me to articulate a process I’m only somewhat aware of. First, I learned a ways back to just let the words flow free of criticism for the first pass. Otherwise you’ll never even get started! Then when refining I’ll read it in my head multiple times and aloud seeking errors in the meter or clunky word choices. Logic holes as well plague me. Like in the above post a last second change was switching maintaining to achieving in the last line. Cannon balls DON’T maintain altitude very well. Granted being most often fired from ship to ship they weren’t exactly achieving it spectacularly either but let’s just say we were aiming to hit the sun. I believe that’s how you get the fire arrows, after all.

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