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“We’re all on the same team”. Platitudinous? Yes. Cliche? Assuredly… but the phrase was used recently in marketing for the newest Planet Earth installment and the inference blew me away. How in the hell can we NOT figure this out? And I don’t mean left-wing and conservatives, racial divisions, capital disparity or religious schisms. I mean fucking ALL of those! We ARE on the same team. Acknowledge the fact or not, in the end, we will all of us share the same fate.

What really gets me is that were we to have some interstellar enemy upon which to focus our hate and invective I imagine Team Earth would be considerably more popular a notion. It’s a sad truth, discovered long ago and by many who would exploit it, that tribalism and fear sells better even than sex. Our entire modern neoglobal civilization is an indictment of such a notion.

Today’s poem may seem more than tangentially related to the previous thoughts but amusingly has no connection to them whatsoever. It was actually nothing more meaningful than one bad afternoon at work that I’ve dramatized into a veritable soap opera of cynicism. On second thought, the poem is precisely based upon the intro paragraphs. Enjoy!

“Sissyphus”, January 26 2019.

An emaciated man struggles to roll an enormous boulder,

The hill upon which he labours steeply inclined and heavily pitted,

Time and reason do not exist here, there is only him and the rock,

More than likely a hopeless enterprise, angle and mass together insurmountable,

And a modest slip is to be instantly crushed.

Human expressions are grandiosely incongruous to faceless stone,

Defeat though, for now, remains irrationally asymptotic,

Failure evolved to apex anathema.

So this physical debate continues ever on, immovable weight and the weakening mortal,

Sweat and blood soaking the earth as driving rain,

A swiftly expanding puddle of agony and desperation,

And never a glimpse of any but the most predictable resolution.

Well, that’s that. This is another piece that was infinitely more involved than those of the comic varietal. Hours went into its creation and I hope at least a modicum of that effort manages to trickle free.

Thank you so much for reading, as always and let’s see if we cannot score a few points for Team Earth, particularly absent opposing competition.


-Alexander Blaikie

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A fractured mind held together by cellophane and some used tack.

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