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Presumably you are familiar with the expression, “less is more”? Children are extremely literal and I was no exception. Upon hearing the phrase for the first time I found myself suitably perplexed by its seemingly paradoxical makeup. Like the newly blind applying mascara. Would a Picasso joke have gone over better? It wasn’t as funny but it also didn’t insult the blind. If any blind people are reading this I’m sorry and also that’s dope that someone transcribed this stupidity in braille.

Anyway… fun note, it was during the movie Angels in the Outfield that I first beheld this confusing platitude. Since then I’ve always enjoyed the occasional example of greater importance. Some personal favorites…

  1. Pouring milk into cereal. As a lover of cow extract it may seem like mirroring the calculation for GDP is the way to go. False! There is a dazzling equilibrium where all parts are enhanced.
  2. Uttering falsehoods to your loved ones.
  3. Crystal Methamphetamine. Granted this is based on third-party testimony.
  4. Using large words in public. It perturbs the functionally illiterate.
  5. Writing lists. Inane with limited functionality. Of course that’s what they said (say) about me.

That is precisely all I came by to type. A few moments while laundry laundrys so I make the clicky clacky.

Clicky Clacky, Over.

-Alexander Blaikie

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A fractured mind held together by cellophane and some used tack.

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