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It’s true I’ve never been a particular fan of Oktoberfest but were I do find German culture excels is in having a word to describe everything*. So saying, “Kabelsalat”, or, ‘cable-salad”, meaning the resultant tangle formed by disorganized cords over time. And they say magic isn’t real… Don’t even get me started on the pragmatic wonder that is Schadenfreude.

I published a voluminous report on the finding of Mueller’s report but I’ll only be sharing a brief summary;


To those who desired further content please add an “off” to the end of the initial summary. Much obliged.

Moving on, we do have some vague literary mandate. Supposedly anyway. The initial thoughts for this piece were Heracles strangling snakes as an infant but annoyingly little trace of that catalyst survived to print**. Enjoy!

“Kabelsalat”, March 7, 2019.

Living each day caged in upstairs

Dynamic prisons cold affairs

Viper bars and rattlesnake chains

Constrict vice-like these damaged brains

Like centuries old knotted rope

Resolution’s a distant hope

Yet crack snarl here and then a snag

The mountain sheer offers key crag

At peak shed serpents entangled

Cast them down said villains strangled.

Asps, very dangerous.

My attention span has been unusually short of late so these poems are perhaps an ode to brevity but still they’re cute. Like baby poems. Intellectually seems on par…

Time to move on to the next productive activity of the day. Kind of crushing being an adult at the moment. With the small exception of the 492,000 things I should also be doing but have yet to begin. 🙂

Be well, dear friends!

Happy Trails and something about snails, I think?

-Alexander Blaikie

*Many things

**Not print.

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A fractured mind held together by cellophane and some used tack.

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  1. Hey good to read some German words for me beeing German.
    To Mullers’ report the only word that comes to my mind is Kindergarten. And yes we have a word fir every occasion. Mostly derived from English or French 😉

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