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Intra-Planetary Pilgrim

Greetings Minnows and Monk-fish! Marsupials and Macaques! Birds? What birds?

The weather today has perked up much like the hungover enjoying their second drink the following day. Radiant sunshine and a chorus of birdsong for our listening pleasure and ambient comfort. Truly that feckless Nature wench has granted us a temporary reprieve for murdering her children and smoking up her draperies and roofing. They were new when she rented us this place, you know? Plus we don’t have any more of the original paint color or tiling left. We are shit tenants.

I have an unusual poem today, so old I don’t actually have a date but I’m guessing circa 2012, shortly after I began keeping tracking of these things at all. The rhyme scheme is peculiar and childlike, I’m going to have to fix a couple lines right now just to ensure the meter at least remains consistent BUT I quite like the idea and the transient but accurate recognition of mortality from a youth who had (has?) little idea about which he spoke, is vaguely pleasing. Though I do have it on decent authority that that dude is right fucked.

“Intra-Planetary Pilgrim”, 2012.

Ofttimes when I close my eyes

Spirit soars above the skies

Gaping at the World below

Essence merging with the flow

Watching empires birth and grow

Following to their demise

Everything that lives, dies.

I was always a touch fatalistic. Perhaps bordering on a morose lugubriousness and a mild personality disorder but that’s hardly relevant. 🙂

With that I toss my “smoke ball ninja device” such that it fractures upon the floor and I disappear thusly in the billowing confusion. I am also wearing a cape. You just hadn’t noticed yet.

-Alexander Blaikie


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A fractured mind held together by cellophane and some used tack.

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