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Back contrary to popular demand! In so much as all work and no play renders Jack a soporific male, it turns out that all play and no work poses a similarly detrimental risk. Who knew? Granted I’m not overly dull, per se, but nor am I especially sharp. 🙂

I’m cutting the foreplay short today, the sun is shining and we wish to bask!

I do have a brief entry for you. Penned yesterday immediately upon rediscovering some trace of an ambition. Just the one but hopefully it can divide like a cell instead of a positive integer. Dig?

“Time-Flies”, May 14, 2019.

Re-emerging from beneath 

This crypt-like spider’s trap 

Immersed now in self-bequeath 

Collecting all this scrap 

Shake the mental rafters free 

Of dusty old cobwebs 

Sweep up the loose mountain scree

Before this feeling ebbs.

Not entirely certain whether I’m the spider or fly in this broken analogy but it’s good either way. Perhaps I’m both, maybe neither. Shit, maybe I’m a Portuguese Water Dog…the hell do I know?
If you smiled even once during the reading of this article I will be considering my job done. Well is a matter of debate, but done.
Be amazing, treasured comrade!

-Alexander Blaikie

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A fractured mind held together by cellophane and some used tack.

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