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Good day, my friends, it is a particular honor to make your sort of acquaintance after such an extended absence! I was just busy enjoying a brief period of diminished artistic confidence. These things happen.  I say we just dive back in impetuously? My assurance is high there are no clandestine rocks of such a size to cause mortal injury. Maybe an ankle sprain or bruised coccyx but all life is a game of chance, no?

For the first time in at least a couple months I’m proud to deliver to you original poetry, enjoy!

Circus Pact, August 8, 2019. 

Precarious steps down a fraying tight rope

No time to contemplate and reckless to hope

Flames at each end make the journey redundant

Such that each moment’s conversely abundant

Life in the valley of the shadow of death

Recalls influence and restricts proper breath

Then finally as the last fibers degrade

So brought to a close is this pointless charade.

Fair it’s not really an upper but I’m pretty happy with it, to be honest. The piece reads considerably darker than was the inspiration which surprises me in retrospect. Everything has to be so damn fatalistic. I’m a goddamn charlatan! That cheerily is sarcasm and not further crises of suckage:)

I promise to return within days as opposed to months, be real in the interim and be well.

Happy Trails and something about Tails, you remember…

-Alex Blaikie




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A fractured mind held together by cellophane and some used tack.

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