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Well if it isn’t your seventh least favourite poet-comedian dropping off further irreverence and vaguely insulting narrative! And damn pleased to be doing so.

We’re going to swing directly into the rhyming today but maybe I’ll unearth some inspiration to blather in the postscript.

“Truicide”, November 30, 2019.

Was there but a single moment

I was not the key proponent

Of my own private destruction

Deviant and foul construction

Imagine spending most your days

Subconsciously discerning ways

To craft insidious regret

And never allow to forget

The advantage and love you spurned

Dark regrets and chaos earned.

Anybody have one of those self-destructive streak things? Could there possibly be anything more illogical? All those citizens out there doing whatever they can to succeed and we’re sabotaging ourselves. Hoisting petards all over the place! The reasons are myriad though inevitably unjustifiable. Deranged penance, burgeoning self-doubt, the ultimate belief in the systemic futility of any action, (I like this one), it doesn’t matter.

Everyone deserves the right to believe in themselves and all should be aware that they are indeed worthy. Devaluing outside opinions is a valuable skill but even more crucial sometimes is disregarding the interior ones.

Read that last mini-paragraph again, you know, for the brain cells in the back.

With that, I must take my leave but I wish you all the pinnacle of happiness this holiday season and always!

-Alex Blaikie

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A fractured mind held together by cellophane and some used tack.

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  1. You know, I think self-destruction is often intended to protect ourselves from a greater harm, even if it’s intended only subconsciously. Only thing is, that greater harm isn’t promised, so the destruction we cause ourselves could have been for no reason at all, and in most cases it is. Whether our self-sabotaging tendencies are meant to protect us or not, if we’re going to face any destruction, it definitely shouldn’t come from ourselves.

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