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Physics of the Downcast

Generic informal-style greeting to all! It is, as always, an esteemed privilege to engage your casual disinterest once again! Particularly given my somewhat laissez-faire attitude has devolved into more of just laissez generally. C’est la vie, non?

We’re going a touch dark today. I’m rather fond of the piece despite its somewhat downer tendencies. Like Eeyore.

“Star Blight”, December 26, 2019.

I wish no one subjected

To a black hole formed inside

Having been so infected

With such galactic divide

Matter’s pulled towards this crypt

Where light and laughter perish

Course along preordained script

And resign all you cherish

Rearranging organs and

Universes much the same

Reshaping unique to bland

And our joie de vivre as shame

These pits have a finite life

At least in physics theories

Which may or may not be rife

With grand unanswered queries

Whatever position then

Cosmic vast or soul scape bound

We’ll at last be at ease when

Rapture’s catalyst is found.

I thought to leave the term “rapture” ambiguous so feel welcome to interpret however you so choose. As far as words having antonymic dual meanings that one takes some varietal of gateau for sure. Consider it a, “chose your own adventure”, you just have t build the own ending yourself. LITERALLY chose your own damn adventure, blank mental page, and… go.

No one’s listening to me anymore at this point anyway so I’m just going to sneak out in clandestine fashion.

Hey! *Vehemently pointing* Is that a hawk!?

(and I’m gone)

-Alex Blaikie

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A fractured mind held together by cellophane and some used tack.

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  1. I enjoyed your dark poem. I personally interpret that concluding line to mean, “we’ll all be at ease when we are dead”. We’ll be at ease because there’ll be nothing to worry about — literally, nothing to WORRY, nor nothing to worry ABOUT.
    You have a nice vocabulary, too.

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