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Well hello there all you cats and kittens, did anyone else devour “Tiger King” in its entirety in less than a day? Pseudo-self-isolation has transformed my previously degenerate lifestyle into one of civic duty. I am a true Patriot.

Despite my abundance of free time, I’ve little at this moment to fritter away on the usual senseless drivel so let’s proceed directly to the even less sensical. Sensible? Both.

Now given the current global climate it may seem as though this poem is in someway applicable and it is but not through any planning. It’s merely a concept that holds true in numerous scenarios. If anything, serving only to reinforce my belief that I am in fact capable of the very occasional moment of lucidity. Supremely occasional.

Untitled, February 21, 2020

Live not in fear of carpet’s pull

Right up from underneath

Neither prosper boredom’s lull

Less naught may you bequeath

A balance formed between the two

Much sought but seldom found

Somewhat of an enigma true

Like a square peg that’s round

Either pretence might cause a trip

Down steps or through despair

But you can always cancel blip

To grasp at most top stair

Now the manner of doing so

Is myriad in form

Search hard inside for it will show

And flash heart cockles warm.

A decent title still eludes me but like all creatures of the mist will eventually make its presence felt. Incidentally I once gave felt as a present but it was poorly regarded.

I wish you all extremely well in these trying times. Never before in my lifetime has ‘fear itself” been such a prominent enemy. Then again, perhaps it was all along just working its influence in the background where I failed to properly account.

Fear is that which makes beasts of men, transforming nobility to selfishness and profoundly swelling avarice and contempt. Autonomic fear, (not a term), like a jump scene, for instance, cannot generally be controlled. But static fear, (again I’m making this shit up fast and lose over here),  say whatever varietal of racism or avoiding heights or dogs, long term horror with a detrimental potential needs be quelled. We cannot put ourselves in unnecessary danger but must always be prepared to help. Avoid scrupulously fabricating problems where before there were none while simultaneously establishing new skills/ routines. And most importantly, please, we must always advocate caution but never succumb to terror.

You are so much more than you believe yourself to be. Be the King, Queen or Gender-neutral Royal Position, you truly are! Unless you despise the concept of monarchy in which case you can choose whichever rank you deem appropriate. Lt. Col. or Fifth Sheep to the Left or whatever. Your call.

Alex Blaikie

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A fractured mind held together by cellophane and some used tack.

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