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Play Me An Eh, Please

ALMA, check your battery! We are back, folks! Emerging relatively cogent from another trek into the vaguely perilous jungle of my mind. I have gathered for you these diamonds three, of, undeniably lacklustre shine, though perhaps they could still be refined into something of minor value. Interestingly, my own brain jungle works in a not dissimilar manner to the less well-organized monkey led diamond processing mines of which I can only assume, (hope), are of purely fictional accounts.

Riiiight. So I really do have 3 little pigs of poems for you and you needn’t even worry as I will myself provide the blow or at the very least some inelegant bluster for your convenience.

“Pledge”, February 21, 2020.

Never decline to fully clean

Gathered dust from out your life

Like neglected antique wood sheen

Pitted hazards soon prove rife

Increasing by a magnitude

As thaws fracture river’s banks

Uncover hidden fortitude

And bask in internal thanks

Treading water for any time

Can often appear ideal

But cheating yours truly’s a crime

Wherefrom thine own self you steal.

“Steal Magnolias”, December 3, 2019.

To be the bearer of bad news

The sharer of yet unknown truths

Shade provider, burden builder

Friend to friend in need, a gilder

Temper with spare optimism

Crafty alloy altruism

Share word but in proper context

Pragmatic and absent pretext.

“Nomega”, sometime in April I think? Definitely 2020.

First-principles portend last days

Neo-linear research and destruction

A churning vortex of empyreal matter

Uncorking further helix genesis

Seamlessly braiding contradictions

Like the minds of the profoundly damaged

Or masterfully sewn, but ineptly designed quilts.

Obviously, I pulled the “term” “neo-linear” directly from my small-intestine but imagine my surprise when I just discovered that it’s actually a phrase people are using. Haha, it means nothing but a profound nothing apparently. At least I’m being profound.

Please note above where the blow was offered it was of the BBW varietal and not narcotic. And of course, when I say BBW I am naturally referring not to my voluptuous friends among the Big Black Women demographic but rather the slightly more germane Big Bad Wolf. Though, admittedly, the fable was never specific in referencing any mutual exclusivity in regards to the twin acronyms. So a boy can dream, no?

And with that, I must bid adieu but please accept my humblest of gratitude on account of your continued readership and support. May you all remain incredibly safe, healthy and open to changing opinions when fresh information is presented to you!

-Alex Blaikie

I learned how to spell, “germane”, today. It’s not with a J.

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A fractured mind held together by cellophane and some used tack.

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