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Invitiation Ritual

A pleasure to make your acquaintance as always, dear persons! I’ve been writing at a torrential pace for the past few hours so it seemed appropriate to make a small offering to the fans. And immediately upon sacrificing that goat in front of said oscillating contraption I decided to jot down a quick post.

It’s possible this will be perceived as vaguely controversial but I feel confidant saying if you consider such an issue contentious either this is your first time reading and you won’t be back or you are an Olympic-level mental gymnast. Either way, you should certainly wish to reconsider your thinking on the matter.

“Invitiation Ritual”, June 12, 2020.

It’s hard to discern who’s rapier

The blade or those who covet power

Math to confound even Napier

And render most expressions dour

There are few things more detestable

Than backing virtueless persuasion

And it’s always so contestable

At every newfound occasion

I’m not saying there have never been

Historic untrue accusations

But imperative we be more keen

Scrutinizing these congregations.

I believe women in precisely the same manner as I used to play online poker. I always assume they’re not bluffing until given a good reason. That may be a line but it’s also something I take very seriously. It may even seem as though I’m approaching these deplorable activities in a facetious manner and I apologize if it comes across that way, such is determinably not the case.

Well, I’m going to venture into the Real World now, the Real real world, not the MTV programme, just in case there was any confusion. That joke is dated enough not to have eaten at home in years. That one’s not much better:)

Thank you so very much for visiting, Happy Trails and Waggy Tales to all! Except for, as is my now usual caveat, any racists who somehow made it this far who may immediately fuck off in a most vexatious style. Regards!

-Alex Blaikie

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