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Salutations, my mammalian mates! Always an honour to make your acquaintance. Don’t you think think the term, “banal”, would be much more amusingly pronounced as, “banal”? No, you’re wrong.

Given the necessarily agitated state of things at the moment instead of publishing something a bit more meaningful I thought perhaps a scooch lighter tone might be a pleasant reprieve from our somewhat acrimonious day-to-day. Nothing like a little casual weekend repression.

“Stark Stork Stays Stable”, June 8, 2020.

Babies aren’t the only thing

Conceived absent design

Many of which tend to cling

Convening a decline

Whether in our finances

Or spectral arena

Lack of planning enhances

Cracks in dried patina

Baking in the kiln of life

Ceramics and youths formed

In amongst the flames and strife

Vital principles warmed

Over time I’ve discovered

One may descend to rise

Kingdom’s tablet uncovered

Vanishes false true guise

Serendipity exists

And I find inspiring

That “accidents” can become

Our call to aspiring.

From unplanned pregnancy to the most minor of accidents our mistakes need not define us but rather often may provide an opportunity for significant amelioration far exceeding the boundaries of your supposed transgression(s). Extrapolating wisdom is a perfectly viable source of betterment and generally comes at a delectably lower working price threshold than accruing from scratch. There’s no vending machine for experience in the real world, making the most of our scarce resources is both essential and, ironically, something I learned where there is.

Be good, my friends.

-Alex Blaikie

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A fractured mind held together by cellophane and some used tack.

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