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Just Can Hate to be King

Prepare yourself for additional mediocre royalty puns. There are simply too many entertaining options but I’ll try to curb my enthusiasm. Incidentally, a fine programme, but I digress.

Thank you so very much for reading, I truly appreciate each and every one of you! Anyone who shares the site with friends or helps to promote in any way, I remain eternally grateful. To those who offer funds, small or large, karma is finding its way to you with a basket of puppies and a winning lottery ticket. Thank you! Let’s crack on.

This poem is just shy of a year old. I had squirrelled it away in a somewhat lost folder but recently fished this and a few others back out. Several hours of polishing later and they are generally redeemable if perhaps a touch maudlin. Only one for today my ravenous hyenas, (Shenzi, Bonsai, Ed and others), but it’s fit for a cling. This is for the fans of the non-rhyming visceral contingent. Enjoy!

“It’s Not So Good to be the King”, June 25, 2019.

Heavy is the head upon which rests this crown of barbed thorns

Burdened are the broken shoulders and twisted spine groaning beneath

His reinforced throne gradually disintegrates under said immense and consuming mass

Darker still the coming days, tribulation and sorrow’s perpetual frigid caress restored

Like a blizzard’s tempest, whirling extensively, haphazardly assigning ruin and discord

But ever salvation won in suffering’s benevolent absence is largely meaningless

And those who revel in naive contentment remain perpetually oblivious to their ignorance.

Apparently the day after my birthday last year wasn’t the greatest. These things happen! Personally, I would eschew any kingly responsibilities like the plague. you know, back when we made actual efforts to avoid such things. Plague, not power. And while it comes across as somewhat gatekeepy that’s not the intention. Making mistakes and suffering for them is the surest way to develop legitimate understanding. Unfortunately, it’s also the swiftest path to general malaise if not clinical depression. But then, all life is a balancing act, no? Some beams existing as infinitely thinner than others.

Happy Trails and Waggy Tales, Kings and Queens!

-Alex Blaikie, esquire.

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A fractured mind held together by cellophane and some used tack.

15 replies

    1. Why does everyone pick on physics – physics is one of the simplest subjects there is. There are only 4 ideas: forces, energy, conservation, quantisation. In fact the first two can be contained in the second two… Everything else is a relationship between those 4.

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      1. Welcome Kate! Where were you when I was at school?? Anyway despite my physics teacher and my English teacher being pants, I have finally found my the “maze” in both areas and loving it! Now I am trying to be half as creative as dreadpoetssobriety :).

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  1. The poem demonstrates mind-catching character, creative intellect, and poetic integrity, *&* you are a rare poet, and I flatter you not but pay you a sincere compliment from one poet to another poet.

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  2. Much to ponder within both the prose and the verse. This poem emits such emotion that can almost pull us readers into that day in a most masterful way.

    Thank you for sharing this poem after digging it out if your archives.

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