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Crustacean Nation Recalibration

Greetings fair maidens, covetous dragons and charred knight’s bones, happy Friday!

Consider this a drive-by poem as my schedule is somewhat limited but I wanted still to take a brief moment with y’all. So let’s do it!


“Crustacean Nation Recalibration”, June 15, 2020.

An octopus lives inside

My dense, unruly brains

Eights arms as well all reside

Amid overt ink stains

The issue’s that they won’t work

With coordination

In addition tend to shirk

Every relegation

Singular these branch’s thoughts

Plus contradictory

Fighting to connect their dots

For lone limb’s victory

Could I one day learn to teach

These stems or best their mind

Siphon back essence they leach

And return such in kind.

I actually wrote an entirely different poem along the same lines years ago, hated and buried it. The concept was decent though so I’m glad the original was unearthed, stripped down and reformatted as nearly tolerable:)

Amusingly the title also works to the “School House Rock, Conjunction Junction” tune. A happy if completely irrelevant coincidence.

Have a superlative weekend! Should I fail to find further time for inanities over the said period I’ll assuredly be back with the regular trademarked insouciance before long.


-Alex Blaikie

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A fractured mind held together by cellophane and some used tack.

10 replies

    1. Haha I did consider it however I didn’t want to kill the plural on stains or handicap the rhyme. Thank you very much. And given our extremely limited h sweats song of the brain itself who knows, maybe it is brains;)

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  1. Greetings–

    You recently joined me at annieasksyou. Pleased by that support and intrigued by your blog name, I am now paying you a visit–and I’m delighted that I’ve done so. Your creativity and irony are super; I am also now your latest follower.

    As you have a bit of a fixation with octopuses (and yes, that’s the plural), which I share, I invite you to visit my post “Can I Get My Arms Around This Animal?” at your leisure. I consider myself a prose writer, though I do try other stuff. But when I see where your mind takes you, I’m tempted to open mine a bit more.


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