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Dreading Water

Well hello there, is that new? It looks fantastic.;) Hope everyone is chugging along swimmingly. Incidentally, I’ve always found the term interesting in that it’s predicated on the assumption you can in fact swim. Otherwise, it would presumably be interpreted in the negative. Good ol’ English.

A weird one today. I wrote half the lines in October and then finished it recently. And on a particularly scorching day, if I recall, for added irony points. Pretty soon I’ll have enough to turn in my card for a free ironic prize. Personally, I’m hoping to win the new card so I can start over again.

“Fall Snow”, October 2019.

Pristine flecks cascade in sporadic gusts like an explosion of flour through an ineptly washed colander

Growing piles of flake crusted leaves mock the apparent futility of conscientious lawn care

Frosted windows compete with heating system over the shifting state of condensation as though it’s a tightly contested boxing final

Squirrels react with verbal indignity to this arbitrary rearranging of their fastidious scurrying-burying schedule

Branches, looking more like chunky spiderwebs, form discreet patterns from delicate channels

And writers, warm and grateful, craft meagre attempts at transcending inferior human existence to crudely transcribe the indescribably profound.

I did say it was going to be weird. It speaks to the clarity of the moment that I was so easily able to put myself back in it to finish the piece. There may not be an abundance of useful details but, like a frozen crystal, the static image remains engrained within my generally handicapped memories. Why should this one prove so resilient when other, arguably more meaningful or certainly important, are jettisoned as flotsam? How the fuck am I supposed to know? 🙂


Be well, gentle sprites. You are loved.

-Alex Blaikie

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A fractured mind held together by cellophane and some used tack.

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