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Anyone interested in a Robin Hood/ Ludicrous mashup? I’ve got hose, I’ve got hooose, from my waist to my tooes, waist to my toes… and so on. Think that’s bad you should have read the intro I already deleted!

I transferred this piece over to the computer last week to publish but it’s such a bleak and aggravating topic that I’ve lacked the necessary whatever to actually follow through until now. Sometimes, especially viewed from a macro perspective, the annals of humanity are a sickening blur of intentional depravity and remorseless slaughter. Even amongst such rancid squalor, some events are still notable in their wickedness.

“Clippy”, June 16, 2020.

Black coated doctors

The hypocritical oath

To do exclusively harm

Medical curiosities

Under scientific guise

Cripple broad populations

Proudly merciless eyes

Survey arriving livestock

Directing to appropriate cages

Purportedly benevolent wolves

Draft lamb’s final solution

Whose inflamed and permanent scars

Infinite of body and mind

Never truly heal

Arguably still the fortunate

Lest we forgot

And made sickeningly welcome

That scourge of morality

To further own dubious ends

Clasped hands with the devil

And Hell followed after him.

Initially, this was written entirely in the past tense. Given such repulsive activities are still occurring, and regularly, I switched things up.

If you’re not familiar with Operation Paperclip consider yourself lucky, I became disillusioned myself many years ago. Once when recognizes the reality of things such a vision cannot be dispelled. I’m not going to discuss further as I’ll only slip deeper into the maudlin. There are many, many people out there performing true acts of selfless courage and love and I would much prefer to try and focus on them. To varying degrees of success.

Alright, the next thing I publish will be about nature or puppies or something again. This shit is officially too heavy for the author, at least this early in the morning.

Let’s all go outside and frolic innocently in the sunshine!

-Alex Blaikie

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A fractured mind held together by cellophane and some used tack.

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  1. Wow, I wasn’t aware of this operation until now. But yes, this really shows the darker side of humanity. You really captured that feeling well in this short but meaningful poem =)

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