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The Vaunting of Shill House

Good morning friendly ghosts and malevolent spirits! As always, a veritable pleasure to be so haunted. I get a vague Hallowe’en theme from today’s composition so why not shamelessly extrapolate to the most absurd degree? Wassup, my witchesss?

Let’s try to avoid any further All Hallows inanities and all, hallowed, move on to the matter at (skeletal) hand.

“Acid Dropping”, January 2018.

Oozing thoughts drip singularly through blighted skull

Each caustic pearl misleadingly innocuous yet

Aggregate disintegrate flesh like butter beneath a blowtorch

Even less substantial are attempts at completing repairs

Like oil shook in water, anathema’s segregative fallacy

A stone hurled across an immobile lake’s glassy waters

Summons acute ripples which swiftly and thoroughly vanish

Leaving all precisely as it has always been and will ever be.

Apparently, I was having some issues that day. 🙂 This is another one of the randoms I pulled from that file and tossed in the old mental rock polisher for a few cycles. Looking to acquire a brain-based autoclave as well but one step at a time.

I’m still not sure about the last line, it still somewhat lacks the visceral imagery which I feel permeates the rest of the piece so well. Bollocks.

Thank you so very much for stopping by! May your days be mercifully free of ghosts, goblins and miscellaneous other similarly themed spooky embellishments.

Happiest of Trails and Waggiest of Tails to all!

-Alex Blaikie


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A fractured mind held together by cellophane and some used tack.

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  1. “leaving all precisely as it has ever been. ” You will probably troll me for even suggesting an alternative but the whole piece is wonderfully evocative for me, the last line I suggested just nails it for me, the extra words you added weaken the line. Now it’s as graphic and sharp as the rest!

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  2. I find your vocabulary to be very disconcerting to me, as it moves me off balance mentally. I really like the title of your blog a lot. This poem is cool.

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