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We All Float

Good day and dear auspicious readers, bored over the shoulder voyeurs and generally confused pets. Always an honour.

I’m not going to ramble on for once, I believe today’s composition worthy of my restraint. I do hope you enjoyt, despite only writing it a couple days ago numerous hours have gone in at this point. Let’s see whether they were in vain. 🙂

“IT”, July 11, 2020.

The red balloon tersely frees its cord from a wretched clammy palm

Dreams of flight never again to be naively impugned

Gently ascending above the crowded marketplace

Surveys manifested destiny

Casting vague shadows and judgements

Fastidiously trivial ants and arrogantly frivolous movements

From lofty heights singular intentions are irrelevant

Dreams forever unknown and unfulfilled

Stale motivations benignly unattributable

Meanwhile, layered spheres drift gently past

A helium-drawn, snail-paced hyperdrive

Cloud cover gradually amassing sway and precipitation

And winds now strongly buffet intrepid wanderer

As internal pressures dangerously expand

Meticulously probing hull integrity

Crude and destructive elastic mutations

But clumsy dismantling uncovers clandestine elegance

Each undoing moment a paradox of creation

The caterpillar becomes a butterfly

A tempestuous river reunites with its parent ocean

Eventually, any collection accedes to divergence

Whether conscious inflation or oblivious token

Inevitably we all crash to dust.

Couple notes; did you know a balloon can make it approximately 9km before the helium expands and it pops? Now, annoyingly, the Troposphere, or first level of the atmosphere, extends to approximately 10km theoretically negating the “layered spheres drifting gently past”, thing, please assume our hero is in possession of innate fortitude making it just beyond and thus justifying my scientific naivete. After all, the actual height reached is a factor of the surface area among a myriad of other factors usually reserved strictly for mid-level, college prep physics classes, so it’s totally plausible. And you thought I wasn’t going to ramble…

Let x= have an exceptional day

Let y= you are amazing

Let z= go share your love with the World

Thank you very much= (X,Y,Z).

Solve for “you”

-Alex Blaikie

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A fractured mind held together by cellophane and some used tack.

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  1. Wonderfully rambling without rambling, and then rambling, and then finishing. Process is as process does. Excellent post! Well, pretty good. Then excellent again, and then pensive inducing wonderment. And, then, …. Yes, excellent post.

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  2. An entertaining and interesting journey that red balloon took us on. This poem reminds me of a time in elementary school when we, the students, tied a postcard, with our return address, to a balloon and released it into the atmosphere. My postcard actually made it back to me from a nearby city. The school activity is questionable for so many reasons, but those were the “good old days.” 😆

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