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From Husk Till Brawn

Happy Friday, my friends, another blessed weekend pounces upon us like a happy cougar greeting an old friend. That probably happens.

A few weeks ago we enjoyed a piece that referenced one of Newton’s Laws of Motion. In the comments, someone asked whether I was going to do a complementary poem for the remaining laws and I thought that a marvellous notion. And here we are, enjoy!

“From Husk Till Brawn” July 18, 2020.

The sun and your stomach are rapidly sinking, ephemeral descent evaporating prevailing warmth

Clasping hands, the shadows elongate until light is but a figment of exposed memory

Even this frantic speed is significantly eclipsed by the achingly instantaneous pace of dread

A bizarrely cognizant locomotive, charging down profoundly damaged rails, brakes wholly inoperable

There is no dim twilight, no vague crepuscular wonder, only the darkness of midnight and a desperately frigid dawn

Limitless Vantablack canvass coloured exclusively with paint fabricated of the same

But filled in with intense concentration, a sundered barrier harkens severe and  irrational consequences

Yet strokes rapidly grow increasingly broad with progressive erraticism and a creeping recklessness

The invisible lines patiently awaiting violation, their timeless existence long established

Near-omnipotent inelegance well ingrained and endlessly refined

Still, ever indelibly bound by unbreakable creed, indestructible laws both existential and organic

Met in an atomic courtroom, where judicious delegates will, in perpetuity, defend composition’s delicate precision

Blessed innocence invariably prevailing, metaphysical justice being mercifully incorruptible

Every singular action always remembering its innate p’s and q’s

These flawlessly ordained equals and exquisite sibling opposites.

A few notes/ considerations…

In the third line, I wanted to say, “speed of fright” but it sounded disproportionately clunky to everything around it. Just know that it’s there albeit in vague referential form.

Who is/ are your, “judicial delegates”? Popular options tend to include; a higher power, significant other, medication, exercise, really anything which prevents you from breaching whatever intractable line(s).

Obviously, we went with the second law today. Inserting F=MA into a poem should certainly be interesting and fun moving forward though.

Thank you so much reading, I am the one who is blessed.

-Alex Blaikie

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A fractured mind held together by cellophane and some used tack.

12 replies

  1. Oh that is good!
    And you’ve given a perfect segue into Newton’s third with your last line. Although of course the second last line violates N3 as there is no such thing as a singular action, only interactions. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Had I but known about your poetry, I would have opted for physics rather than chemistry lo, those many years ago.

    I agree about the omission of fright: ya got the dread, which is enough.

    So many exceptional lines, but “Met in an atomic courtroom…” is truly special. A very satisfying work.

    Liked by 1 person

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