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Ef Equals Em Eh

Good day, all and none! You are so exceptionally welcome, just kindly wipe your feet. You know, non-aggressively? 🙂

Perhaps one or two of you, if I’m lucky, have been looking forward to finishing out the Newtonian collection and it is your lucky day(s). No further ado required, enjoy!

“Inversely Proportional”, July 23, 2020.

Fading embers smoulder gently, a thin trail of smoke lazily rising toward prominent harvest moon

The clearing is bathed in an ethereal luminance, glowing repose summoning  profound tranquility

Birds chirp at accelerating intervals, cheerfully composing a dazzling self-conducted organic symphony

Faint smell of woodsmoke lingers amongst pleasantly cloying arboreal fragrances

As serene river subtly murmurs the cycling account of soaring peaks and endless oceans

Nimbly describing specific mechanics of ascension and ensuing inevitable fall

Swift or sloth, crash or pillow, mass a transcendent dictator of the physical

Passively distributing mandatory directives to the immense and atomic alike

Undeniable assignations clearly defined and mercifully predictable

Rigorously adhering to disciplined schedule, ever-arriving as due

And so, the well-travelled light of infinite stars delicately shimmers, seductively procuring yet enhanced  serenity

Forcedly evaporating last surviving gloom, of long verdant earth and freshly vacant psyches.

So, of course, the final axiom is F=MA or like us more pretentious individuals say, the amount of acceleration of a body is directly proportional to the acting force and inversely proportional to the mass of the body. Makes considerably more sense to me as an equation but then I’ve always been special.

I was particularly appreciative of the dual meaning for gloom, worked rather nicely as both climactic and mental.

It wasn’t referenced but again I’m picturing “a body” being present, both in the abstract and literal form. Likely mine, in fact, casually observing the natural delights and cosmic wonders, plus there’s usually a squirrel or two I can click with. Ever notice if you make clicking noises around squirrels they come right up to you? I’ve always considered myself a different varietal of Dr. Dolittle, (Do-Little), though perhaps there is more to it.

May you all enjoy blessed Fridays and weekends! The sun smiles down kindly upon you!

-Alex Blaikie

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A fractured mind held together by cellophane and some used tack.

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