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Is Anybody Doubt There?

Greetings sharks and minnows, thank you for bellying up to my chump-rhyme chum line. We’re gonna need a bigger moat.

It’s my understanding we know more about our moon and adjacent planets than about the mindboggling depths of our own oceans. In the end perhaps that’s unsurprising, everyone looks up in wonder and most down with sorrow. And I look forward to continuing that trend by utterly abandoning this makeshift premise for an intergalactic jaunt. I’m being… mercurial?


“Is Anybody Doubt There?”, November 9, 2020.

Beyond our planetary clutch 

Far out among the stars 

May exist other life and such 

Perhaps as near as Mars 

It seems overly cavalier 

To think we’re all alone 

Even if stranger’s atmosphere 

Is poison to our own 

Billions of planets which aren’t earth 

Millions of foreign Suns 

Obviously there is no dearth 

Of potential live ones 

If there’s indeed enlightened souls 

Travelling cosmic lanes 

Deftly dodging cosmic potholes 

Our tainted human brains. 

————————————————————————————————————————————————-Were I an alien I definitely would not visit Earth. At least not during the human regime, dinosaurs are suitably charming. I can only imagine the “terrible” in terrible lizards was meant ironically.

Making contact with an alien race would certainly have interesting ramifications geo or at that point uni-politically. Would we unite as a planet against even more different looking entities or simply adjust the preexisting global class/race system to make room. My guess is the latter. Covid has hardly boosted my faith in humanity. Or, if my faith in humanity were a fancy car in a mediocre Nicolas Cage movie, it has indeed been boosted, or would have had it ever existed.

Alright I’m off and I’ll take my dad jokes and dated references with me. Last year someone said I “dated myself” with some lame joke I cannot recall, the implication being the reference was old and therefore so am I. First of all, I would totally date myself. I’m a catch, like a decomposing fish or antibiotic resistant streptococcus. Additionally, as opposed to “dating myself” I prefer to think of it as establishing provenance, like fine art. And this art is indeed fine. Not unlike parking in a handicapped space absent the required documentation. Bless.

-Alex Blaikie

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A fractured mind held together by cellophane and some used tack.

11 replies

  1. Excellent, Dread !

    Straight On. Good Aim. Good Delivery. Opinion: there is so much dogdiarrhea these daze. We got to go after the greedy and stupid with voices as clear and beautiful as we can make them. (Agreed, not easy much of the time.) You did IT !

    -David M Lee

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  2. Well penned man. Like the word choices you went for. Sorry I am only getting to your blog now. Been a bit busy. I normally check out the people that follow me to know if I should follow back. having good poetry to hopefully draw inspiration from some time is a def win for me.

    Liked by 1 person

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