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Good day esteemed quarantine questors, another riveting lockdown edition from your 5th least favourite cometry hocker. Thanks for voting.

An entertaining composition today, for me anyway. This piece has lived in the file since the summer as initially it was an embarrassing catharsis, not the pithy mirth of its current form. That’s a lie, there is little pith to be found and a veritable dearth of mirth. We have fun though, do we not?


“Nothing’s Absence” August, 2020.

To mourn the loss of something never in fact present 

The languid new death of a vague dream always believed unfulfillable 

An unwavering devotion to capricious illusion, 

Until inevitable pulling of crudely disguised shade 

And reality’s purging glare vaporizes covetous expectation

Latent fragments of fickle indulgence dissolving rapidly 

Vacuous and ethereal, carver of the fully empty 

Mockery to human spirit and comedy of haphazard good intention

This pristinely hollow vessel, judged ultimately unworthy by all relevant stakeholders.

————————————————————————————————————————————————-Upon reflection, if one is hollow but not attracting the interest of stakeholders you’re likely not a vampire, so at least that’s one in the win column.

Won in the win, trash in the bin, fruit from the tin, kicked in the shin. Minor Soccer, Year 7’s Billet-Doux.

Spontaneous bonus rhyming, we no longer suffer under the thumb of the mirth dearth, Excelsior!

Now be blessed you special mammal, you goddamn mayoral meerkat, stay gold.

-Alex Blaikie

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A fractured mind held together by cellophane and some used tack.

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    1. I am back. I have a real preference for just presenting the first 10 lines. Adding onto them only diminishes their strength and allows the reader to walk away not too upset, pleasantly without thinking any difficult questions…

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