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“The Chosen Whites”

I’ve always found the terms over and underwhelmed both over and underwhelming. It’s curiously redundant how each can be made to mean either good or bad. Beyond which, why must the whelming process be so polarized? Can one not merely be whelmed? If I were, would that even mean anything? We shall see, as I, of fractionally sound and neutral-whelmed countenance hereby embark upon another voyage of the dammed. Impoundment say what-er? It’s a “dam” thing.

Ok that last paragraph was ostensibly a greeting so let’s just crack on. Please consider yourselves properly welcomed. Today’s selection was written some time ago but I could never bring myself to share it until there was more cause for optimism. It is without question that BIPOC and other marginalized persons are disproportionately targeted and harmed by law enforcement. While I’m encouraged by some fractional steps taken there remains vast and immeasurable progress to be made on all fronts which is not proceeding with anything near the pace at which it needs to.


“Killing In The Name”, June 19, 2020.

Ignominious yet adept 

Children murdered, families wept 

Families weep, such pain’s eternal 

Evil’s motives base infernal    

In a vacuum one discovers

Corruption never recovers

Long lost moral of compassion 

Exhibit in lieu dispassion 

For all regards but their own case 

Judgements too cast solely on race 

In ethics courts beyond guilty

Soul’s well poisonous and silty.


I kept “well” not possessive so it could continue meaning both wells. I also went with “ethics” courts specifically given corrupt officers and officials seem to do relatively well in normal ones. We all got the Rage Against The Machine reference? Needed to credit officially, beyond deserving.

It doesn’t feel right to continue on with whatever levity or further moralizing so let’s leave it here for today. Thank you so much for making it this far and let’s see if we can’t focus our minds on solutions over problems. If all others fail perhaps alcoholic. Libation is called something else now but the essence remains pure.

Blessed are we who ask questions of others and more notably, ourselves.

-Alexander Blaikie

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A fractured mind held together by cellophane and some used tack.

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    1. I almost added a caveat for those in your situation, I knew I should have kept it! So long as you pour some on the ground the substance is immaterial. I believe honey and olive oil have been used historically. Thanks so much for reading and chatting:p


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