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Hello again, mis amigos y amigas! It is truly a privilege to have you here once more, and as a hetero-presenting Caucasian male I have some minor insights on the topic. For instance, I never even realized that Band-Aids are intended to mimic skin tone. Admittedly, I maintain a complexion paler than a Dickensian specter so perhaps my oversight is more acceptable, but I saw such artifices to match the skin tone of others recently, and not only is that fantastic, it also serves as a gentle reminder that in many ways this world was fashioned for my convenience, and I will continue to strive to allow everyone to share in such spoils. Now if we can produce some, “Casper the Anemic Ghost”, shaded bandages I’ll really be in business. Holy tangent Batman, and with an arc to boot.

Before continuing, it’s essential that I thank everyone who has continued reading, reaching out, donating, etc. despite my month long absence. I often find myself banished to some fathomless rut only to be plucked out by those more consistent in recognizing my worth. Thank you.


“Belongings”, April 2, 2021.

Last rights for an unrighteous epoch 

Only bell, that which tolls the crawling hours

Inimical decline displays the unparalleled

A cutely obtuse, right and wrong 

Unnavigable terrain giving way 

Dust to ashes, ashes to dust 

Like jilted tears in the driving rain

Where one ends and the other begins 

Simply another unanswerable question 

In a place where such queries amass  

And hurl themselves from the highest peaks

As lemmings within their demented fervors

Better off to perish amid frenzied cluster 

Than continuing ever on as the one.

————————————————————————————————————————————————-If you’re confused by the unnecessarily abstract nature of this piece then you’re surely not alone. Upon further consideration though, is not all nature unnecessarily abstract? An ungraspable quintessence endlessly shifting beneath our feet and passing through our fingers? Or am I just fucking with you. Surely the two cannot be modelled by mutual exclusivity?

That’s me signing off folks, please drive safely, love wholeheartedly and rub as many bellies as is conceivable.

-Alex Blaikie

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A fractured mind held together by cellophane and some used tack.

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  1. Some pieces of writing give rise to more questions than answers, and in its way this can make them all the more interesting to read. Encouragement to delve into our own adventures of the prose and poetry varieties!

    Thank you for sharing! 😊

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