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*** I thought this would go without saying, but if you’re going to comment hateful or racist remarks I’m certainly not going to approve them. Morons.

Good day, fellow wanderers amongst the peaks and chasms of existence. I pray to find you summit-bound, not cellar dwelling but alas, one will always be needed to define the other. There is no light in the absence of dark. Or is there only light in dark’s void, just unrecognized and thusly unappreciated? Relativity, not just for physics. With apologies to Einstein and some triplet paradox idiom.

If it’s even remotely possible anyone made it through that, first thanks, your perseverance could carry you up the North face of the Eiger, now let us mosy.

Today’s work is an interesting one, it started as one thing, became something entirely different and finished as some unnatural hybrid between both and neither. Triplet paradox indeed. Thank you again for joining us, please enjoy!

“Unlink”, May 15, 2021. 

Trenchant alacrity embitters respondents 

Reducing naïveté to simple despondence 

Utterly unmaking a neutral intention

Harkening onward truly baseless abstention 

Dividing a house against itself and the rest 

Wholeheartedly fractures inhabitants  best 

Unable to stand, never permitted a fall 

Forever in stasis ‘twixt freedom and thrall. 

While I prefer Honest Abe as a vanquisher of the undead it’s arguable that slave-owners and vampires are not so dissimilar. After all, both sustain themselves upon the blood of innocents and have no compunction to their suffering. If anything, at least vampires were deprived of their souls upon transition, what excuses can the plantation owners offer? Everyone was doing it? Fuck off, I had this conversation the other day about aged bigots. “It was just their generation”, well then fuck their generation, why was it ever acceptable to hate without reason, and in many places still is. No.

A shout out to my friends from the CCP who clearly have far FAR too much time on their hands to monitor this humble blog. You are the lowest common denominator of humanity, genocide-embracing, modern slavers, who I can only pray history deals with as is appropriate. I am not afraid of you and feel free to keep reading, you’re only increasing my ad revenue, and my vitriol towards your despicable evil. In short, get fucked, assholes.

It’s likely unwise to piss off more than one super-power per day, I’m determinably poor martyr material, so let’s cut here and I’ll see you soon.

R.I.P Jamal Khashoggi, you were the hero we deserved and utterly failed. Thank you for you sacrifice and those of all who were murdered for doing what was right. It may seem in vain now but I have faith that won’t persist forever. And maybe nothing will ever change but neither will we. Our voices are legion and spirits indomitable. Bring it on, fuckers.

Huh, I guess I CAN piss off two super-powers in one day, after all.

-Alex Blaikie

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A fractured mind held together by cellophane and some used tack.

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    1. Thank you, I’ve already deleted some pretty nasty comments, one suggesting I put my dog out on the interstate. Who would have though decrying slavery and hate could be so contentious. They’re only proving my point. Thank you again Em, plenty of fine people around❤️

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  1. We must enact the change we want to see in the world, to bring respect to every interaction we have. The world cries out for change, and if we neglect to listen or fail to act we passively become part of the problem. I’m not doing enough to shine the light of change, but I hope I can amplify the voices who are, like you.

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