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Good morning, dear friends and bizarrely reading “enemies”. Now, I like to consider myself as a man without enemies, even those who hate me are still my brothers, sisters and non binary whatever you care to identify as’ers. Humanity transcends such trivial rivalries and I’ll always be here to welcome any who would properly welcome others. Every moment is a new opportunity to spurn hate and embrace all that this World truly is.

I was accused recently of being a, “modernist”, as though that’s some kind of insult. If anything, it exists solely as an indictment on the history of our species itself. Truly a revolutionary view to attempt minimizing contempt via love. For an atheist, it sure feels as though I’m channeling some Jesus vibes here. Purely coincidental, I assure you, though I do happen to look rather marvelous in sandals. Additionally, with blonde hair and blue eyes, apparently I fit the ferociously apocryphal western visualization. Must have been tough for the Big J, being the only white dude in the middle-east… I get that everyone wants to embody their savior, but perhaps it’s a touch more important to do so in mentality than physicality. But that’s just one humble carpenter’s view. I assembled an IKEA entertainment unit recently, you see.

With the surprising attempted uprising of racist comments from the preceding entry, the timing feels right for today’s piece to find daylight. Let’s see who my seemingly innocuous words trigger today. I’m hardly a firebrand, no burning bushes here. Not since the genital lice were attended to anyway. My apologies to any actual genital lice sufferers for the chuckle at your expense, let’s scratch away the stigma, no?

By the way, I have to approve any comments before they appear so stop wasting your time with any sickening vitriol or disgusting rhetoric. When you’re ready to engage meaningfully that’s a different matter, but advocating self-harm and murder are hardly constructive.

“Hate-Learning”, May 20, 2021.

Microscopic indoctrination 

Flea bites and pin pricks 

Raising welts, depleting spirits

Ill preceptor’s puerile disdain.

Initial joy so crisply vivacious   

Greets a cruelly patient world 

With all its improper time 

And scant feasible alternative.

Abundant, vexing presumption

A congested, reeking hazard 

Rancid, enveloping blur 

The nefariously vital stench.

All air and sense drawn out 

Implacable and choking

Rendering perversely vulnerable

Despotic crafts, insipid design. 

I chose to speak no further on such deplorable matters today for the sake of my own psyche. If one tries picturing the aggregate pain and misery among us, it far exceeds my ability to retain any semblance of optimism. But the individual good employed by millions will continue to be our inspiration and I sincerely thank every one of you. Be blessed, my friends, you deserve it!

Happy Trails and Waggy Tales,

-Alex Blaikie

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A fractured mind held together by cellophane and some used tack.

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  1. Thanks for the post! We all want to be liked, my guess. Sometimes I think when that doesn’t happen, we get bullies, racists, shooters, and the like. Oh! Religion or not, I think that the only thing that can save us, overall, is to be kind to ourselves and each other. I’ve been loosely picking up various religious and scientific bits over the years that agree on the kindness thing. It opens up the door to diversity, rights to thrive, and living in community. As much as I hate sounding like I’m on a pulpit, I really don’t see any clearer and easy to understand solution. Can I hear an amen?! 😉

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    1. Hello Brand! Thanks so much for reading and even more so for crafting such a cogent and well thought out comment. There’s certainly no part of your message I’d want to contest, even in the slightest. You’re a good bean, let’s keep it going!

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    2. Amen, Brand! Carry on, friend!
      And WHEN we find we can’t pull off the ‘kindness to ourselves and each other’ thing…is exactly when the story of Christ begins to speak. And its intended impact will act upon us as we follow Him. Amazing! He came for those who need a physician.

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      1. Sounds like we can read from the same page, Alex. For the record, much of my own work is a continual (intermittently) a work in progress. Would you want me to send you a two-page PDF of links to my most recent videos and sound work? If so, should I use this window?
        -David m Lee

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  2. I think it’s better to be a modernist than a post-modernist. The turning away from rationalism doesn’t seem all that smart an idea to me. Although you could possibly make an argument against that based on Ikea furniture.

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