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A broken mind held together by cellophane and some tack.

Caucasian Xmas and Fucks News

Anyone else ever remark how if you listen to, “I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas”, with a different ear it becomes insanely racist? Just me then huh. I’ve always been special. Luckily I’ve yet to be penalized in the form of any charges; monetary, judicial or even physical, (rhinos excluded). […]

Alpha Test

Good morning or alternatively some timing independent generic greeting should you find yourself otherwise situated within the linear time stream. May the blessings of whichever season you favour shower you in the appropriate tidings! Rereading today’s poem I honestly cannot recall its catalyst. The theoretical interpretation seems relatively on the […]


Well if it isn’t your seventh least favourite poet-comedian dropping off further irreverence and vaguely insulting narrative! And damn pleased to be doing so. We’re going to swing directly into the rhyming today but maybe I’ll unearth some inspiration to blather in the postscript. “Truicide”, November 30, 2019. Was there […]

Mourning After

Greetings and good day to all! It is, as always, a pleasure to steal a few precious moments to communicate directly to my people! A very brief update and a generally brief poem do I have for you today. Firstly, the reason for my absence translates primarily to submitting poetry […]

Come Together

Good day, my friends, it is a particular honor to make your sort of acquaintance after such an extended absence! I was just busy enjoying a brief period of diminished artistic confidence. These things happen.  I say we just dive back in impetuously? My assurance is high there are no […]