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A fractured mind held together by cellophane and some used tack.

Good Friday

Greetings to all Easter, Passover and Secular chums! Another glorious weekend is upon us. Even Atheists can appreciate religion in the sense of it being the provider of most long weekends. This morning’s selection is an interesting one. A bit of an homage to the math roots and my casual […]

Rainy Days

Good day my melodious yaks, before the Bluejays get under way I have a few minutes to share my newest creation. After raining here for the past three days I finally found the inspiration to craft something along those lines. I don’t typically write anything super long when in the […]

Bonus Footage

Good evening wonderful creatures, I hope everyone had a pleasant and productive day! Given that I seem to be accumulating material at a rate well beyond that which I am releasing it I’d like to give 2/ day a go for a bit. Everyone seems to be rather enjoying the […]

Are March Showers Worth Anything?

Good morning esteemed fellows, all are well I trust! I have some time before officially beginning this day so the time seems right for another quick one. I have March 25 as the date for this one. Untitled. Enjoy!   The masses ignorant we see Concerned just by calamity Though […]

It’s Been, One Week…

Hey friends, one week in and everything seems to be moving along satisfactorily. A big thank you to all the faceless “visitors” the statistics page notifies me of. I’m posting what I believe is my favorite poem today. I wrote it an imprecise number of years ago, what I do […]