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A fractured mind held together by cellophane and some used tack.

Sunday Pun-day

I jest of course, every day is pun-day! Just a quickie today, I have a few commitments this evening of a more unavoidable though somewhat dubious quality. Today’s selection is another newbie. Written last night. It sounds as though it’s meant to be political which wasn’t really my intention at […]

Saturday Night’s Alright for Writing

Salutations, I hope everyone is enjoying their Saturdays in whatever forms they have taken. Working or relaxing there is always a certain magic to “Saturday Night”. An everlasting positive association accrued from early years no doubt. Today’s poem is literally brand new. I just wrote it about 30 minutes ago […]

Happy Friday!

Good evening all, I hope to find everyone absurdly well! I wanted to start tonight by briefly saying a few words about my fantastic furry companion, the noble Catherine the Great. An electric, fluffy, occasional horror, she is essentially my familiar. Point being, as a demi-border collie I have the […]

A Different Track

Good afternoon my fine companions:) What an outstanding day here in Canada. Spring is in the air and on the nose, I love it! I’m going to be sharing a work of a radically different complexion from what has come thus far. I’ll euphemistically refer to the time period as […]

Day #2, How do you do?

Hello again virtual peoples! First of all thank you so much to everyone who’s provided feedback so far. Your comments are of great worth to me. Secondly, for those curious of small discrepancies, it is technically Day 2 as I first posted the earlier submission yesterday. BUT I made my […]