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360, No-Scope

Threetings two one and all! Good morning, howdy, what’s good? You have been thusly threeted. We have a topic of the grandest importance to discuss prior to poem this morning… British ways of saying things that are vastly superior to our humble “across the pond” alternatives. Identity Parade. Who the […]

The Weight

Hello again, mis amigos y amigas! It is truly a privilege to have you here once more, and as a hetero-presenting Caucasian male I have some minor insights on the topic. For instance, I never even realized that Band-Aids are intended to mimic skin tone. Admittedly, I maintain a complexion […]

Petit Poisson

Did you know that a microfiche is an antiquated method of aggregating information, often newspapers, and is in actuality not a very small fish pronounced by someone of Swedish descent? 10 -year old me was fairly devastated to learn this on a library tour. In fact, they had no fiche […]