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Sympatric Swayze

And he said unto us, “Hark! Could the owner of the blue 1993 Chevrolet Cavalier please contact reception? Your lights are on”. Good morning, all creatures great and small! I’m annoyingly pressed for time today so let’s just proceed directly past the inane and proceed to adding in the requisite […]

Oscar the Slouch

Good morning, grateful giants, I find myself equally proportioned in my gratitude! First, thank you for bearing with me during my unannounced week off. Just needed a few moments to refresh my jumbled neural pathways. Good news, it could not have been less effective. Haven’t really written anything worthwhile in […]


“Well well, what have we here? How ever did you get past security? Prendergast! Prendergaaast!? Crumb cake, where is that incompetent bumbler… very well, I suppose you’re here for some sort of linguistic escapade? Or to rob me of my priceless antique ivory animal figurines. I surely hope the former, […]

Crustacean Nation Recalibration

Greetings fair maidens, covetous dragons and charred knight’s bones, happy Friday! Consider this a drive-by poem as my schedule is somewhat limited but I wanted still to take a brief moment with y’all. So let’s do it!   “Crustacean Nation Recalibration”, June 15, 2020. An octopus lives inside My dense, […]

The Stand

Auspicious greetings once more, dear fellows and fellas. I do hope to find you in pristine condition. I’m sorry, you were removed from your protective covering? Luckily humans don’t devalue like comic books. We do it in our own special ways! Interestingly, (objection; argumentative), this was mostly written before anything […]