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Well if it isn’t your seventh least favourite poet-comedian dropping off further irreverence and vaguely insulting narrative! And damn pleased to be doing so. We’re going to swing directly into the rhyming today but maybe I’ll unearth some inspiration to blather in the postscript. “Truicide”, November 30, 2019. Was there […]

A Pale Night

“And I looked; and I beheld a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him.” -Revelations 6:8 Happy return friends to this stellar cellar of secular non-sequitur. In fact, I live on the ground floor. Though one supposes it could still be […]

The Sound Of One Hand Slapping

Tell me, should the dog’s bone be dropped from atop a couch onto the hardwood floor, BUT the downstairs neighbor isn’t home to hear it, does it still make a noise? Yes. It is, in fact, still cacophonous AF. Alternatively, what is the sound of one hand slapping? The proposed […]

“You can be my Yoko Homo”.

Good morning fair-weather friends, foul-weather companions and sunken inanimate wreckage. You are acknowledged! Most importantly, a cresting wave of gratitude to the amazing Gareth and his more than generous donation. Without you I would have even less time for these artistic pursuits and your support means more to me than […]

“To flee, or not to flee”

Is it Friday again already? Not having had a vacation in several years, I may never return to normal human work again! Then again, I haven’t been overly successful monetizing my brain, or my body for that matter, so perhaps maintaining the status quo for now would be appropriate. I […]