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“A Wrinkle In Slime”

Hello! Is it me you’re looking for? I doubt it but since I’ve already got you here… Very much a quickie today. I’ve much I wish to accomplish this evening and will need soon to return to tasks of a more legitimate nature… This may initially seem like a topic […]

Writing Anxiety

The title works with both versions of righting which frankly just makes me happy. People who produce things, do you ever get nervous that whatever your newest creation is in fact blows? I certainly do. And for good reason in my opinion. Not every joke I tell is funny, why […]

“Share and Enjoy”

Truly a quintessential Canadian experience today with the April snow storm. I realize it also snowed it in New York earlier in the week but I’m staking a claim to this “Canadian Heritage Moment”! Does anyone smell burning toast? While it’s possible I excel at a couple of things; one […]

2 Weeks Notice

Here we are already good people. Two weeks is considerably more commitment than I’ve invested to most pursuits. Today’s effort was actually written yesterday. It is a tad darker than I’ve been accustomed to producing recently but I tweaked my back pretty decently and transmogrifying that quasi- agony into writing […]

Casual Intentions

An extremely hearty howdy to one and all. I trust everyone enjoyed a tolerable long weekend. Some less so than others I know. I’m touching on a subject which often perplexes me both in myself and others. You believe you know what you want and actively pursue that end. At […]