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Whack A-Hole

Well hello there all you cats and kittens, did anyone else devour “Tiger King” in its entirety in less than a day? Pseudo-self-isolation has transformed my previously degenerate lifestyle into one of civic duty. I am a true Patriot. Despite my abundance of free time, I’ve little at this moment […]

This Cartesian Pain

What would you think of a reworked game of chutes and ladders called sloots and ladders? In this version, similarly, you climb up the ladders but go down on the sloots. Granted I would undoubtedly cheat by attesting a sore neck… Hello again, my friends! I’ve thought of you often. […]

Physics of the Downcast

Generic informal-style greeting to all! It is, as always, an esteemed privilege to engage your casual disinterest once again! Particularly given my somewhat laissez-faire attitude has devolved into more of just laissez generally. C’est la vie, non? We’re going a touch dark today. I’m rather fond of the piece despite […]


From which venereal disease did Arthur Fonzerelli suffer? That would be herpes simplex ehhhh. Greetings esteemed chums and/ or compadres! I hope all my beloved salmon are inexorably making their way upstream to greatness! Or to be eaten by a grizzly but shit, can’t win them all… Right into the […]

Caucasian Xmas and Fucks News

Anyone else ever remark how if you listen to, “I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas”, with a different ear it becomes insanely racist? Just me then huh. I’ve always been special. Luckily I’ve yet to be penalized in the form of any charges; monetary, judicial or even physical, (rhinos excluded). […]