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Not to be the guy who relentlessly goes on about the weather but damn what a sparkling clear day! The immaculately robin’s egg blue sky framed against the deepening green of the near full trees, glorious. Dandelions attempting to gentrify verdant fields with their eager yellow populism. Weeds will inevitably find […]

“Diseconomies of Fail”

Good day grizzled heroes and fair villains! As always it is an honor to make your acquaintance! Today’s piece is referencing a lesson most of us are likely already familiar with. Unfortunately, (or not?), life doesn’t always mirror a working economic model. By which I mean input does not always […]

Baby (weasel) Steps

My time is extremely limited today so, my apologies, but this will be rather short and will not include any audio at this time.  The dog deserves a real walk before I head to work! To the three people who already have seen this, my apologies. To everyone else, my […]

“LIFE… will find a way.”

Happy Saturday morning bleary eyed companions! Grab a Gatorade and a bucket, if you’re not feeling ill yet you may be shortly. My writing in contraindicated to hangovers, much of the South and some antibiotics. If you’re taking Penicillin STOP READING NOW! That was close. After a few in a […]


Good morning fair friends! Thank you so very much everyone who is commenting, liking  posts or just lurking in the background. You are all amazing! That’s right lurkers! I see you and acknowledge your existence with gratitude! I have a rather light-hearted selection for you today. I half wrote it […]