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Knights, Psychopaths and Mothra(s), O MY.

Ahoy! To whom it may concern, please find below words strung in mostly unintelligible patterns. Thank you for your consideration. I don’t believe anyone is prepared to dispute the statement that the World is a somewhat frightening place. Granted, this isn’t exactly a recent development. At the least, chances are […]

Frosty the Yeoman

Bonjour mes amis! What a delight to make your acquaintances once more. Prior to getting under way, just a quick business item. Would anyone who is of the Tweeting persuasion be kind enough to add @dreadpsobriety. I would be eternally grateful, trying to increase my presence on said platform but […]

“Prom=Life, A Metawhore”

It’s becoming increasingly difficult attempting to come up with a different greeting every day. Please insert whatever pleasantry you consider as being most ingratiating. Much obliged! I experienced a fantastic surge of creativity yesterday, managing to mostly restock a somewhat dwindling poetic arsenal. I’m very pleased with the quality of […]


Good day brothers and sisters! Thank you for interrupting your Saturday morning cartoon regimen on my account! I do feel as though I should issue a warning, today’s material is a bit of a downer. No pun intended. The topic is one about which I’ve become fairly well versed over […]