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The Antithetical Purge

Good evening dear field mice, it is so courteous of you to visit me for your obligatory head bopping. Much obliged. …Hmm working this through it seems I’m Little Bunny Fru-Fru in this allusion. Less ideal. Moving on, let’s check the big board. OK, step one would be acquiring a […]

It’s Been Awhile

Since I’ve seen the way, the candles light your face… Amazing song, “It’s Been Awhile”, by Staind. Don’t allow the lame band name to scare you off of one the greatest singles of all time. For sure, that’s a long list but what do I/ you care? It’s topical to my […]

Brief Hiatus Nearing End

That’s right, I’m going to start wearing underwear again! Ok, that’s a lie. All I need is a jock strap and a Karate belt. They fit together like the Megazord to defeat whatever monstrous creatures may be sent to bedevil my strut. Anyway… in fact what I meant, is that […]

The Shunning of the Bulls

Good day, dear friends! Did I not tell you that you could walk upon the water, why did you not believe me? …Hold on… that may have been some other dude. Ever feel like you’re spending time staying out of trouble? Like you can’t stand still because it would find […]