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Skim Ilk

Morning y’all! My day is packed tighter than an Asian subway so instead of the usual drivel I’m going to share a couple reworked pieces. They are all from the “early days” directly following the website’s inception. For the few of you to whom they are already quasi-familiar your loyalty, […]

Quest for the Holy Fail

One of my favourite stories/ myths of the medieval era concerns the Order of Solomon’s Temple or, the Knights Templar. A veritable shrouded enigma, these figure rose suddenly to prominence from nothing and legend of their treasure and/or erstwhile source of power perplexes scholars, and I,  to this day. Holy […]

A Moo Point

Multiple hours have been consumed of late poring over past works, correcting glaring mistakes and massaging the unnecessarily tense portions. What I thought was fit for true publication is possibly just a touch further behind but I’m coming to the end of the list. Pretty amazing to think that, flawed […]

The Master of Allusion

An interesting duality I’ve stumbled across over the past couple days while preparing materials for publication submissions. Going back through old articles and poems I was primarily struck by how shitty some of the earlier work now seems. No reason to fret though, presumably I’ll spend the remainder of my […]