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Gargoylian P(r)ose and A.B.R.S.G.

Point of order; there is not sufficient room for both a laptop and dog upon my lap. Naturally, as opposed to disallowing the dog’s presence, I’m hunched in some odd gargoylian (that could be a word) pose, typing on a queer diagonal instead. The context of today’s piece is not […]


A sincerely adorable piece today! Don’t think I haven’t noticed that the most popular articles are always in relation to my four-legged beasts. Happily, as a shameless panderer, I’m more than happy to cater to such a demand. Important to note that this poem, more so than the others, needs […]


Good afternoon hallowed masses! The rain seems to be stimulating a return to bloom for all things and I do appreciate its fine efforts. As you know, I rarely eschew my habit of rhyming but every once in a while something less constrained seems to pry its way loose. “Harvest”, […]

The Long and Winding Road

You may want to eat something first, this is a marathon. An entertaining treat this afternoon! For some reason recently I found myself reading on Dante and his Divine Comedy. Not the variety practiced by Mitch Hedburg, though likely he could be found somewhere along the way.  Unsurprisingly I honed […]

Cartoon Wisdom

I sometimes consider a quote from a Simpson’s episode seen when I was a kid. Marge says, “I’ve carved myself out a happy little rut here and I’m not ready to leave it”. First of all that is paraphrased, my 4 second long Google search failed to yield a proper […]