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The Stand

Auspicious greetings once more, dear fellows and fellas. I do hope to find you in pristine condition. I’m sorry, you were removed from your protective covering? Luckily humans don’t devalue like comic books. We do it in our own special ways! Interestingly, (objection; argumentative), this was mostly written before anything […]


Salutations, my mammalian mates! Always an honour to make your acquaintance. Don’t you think think the term, “banal”, would be much more amusingly pronounced as, “banal”? No, you’re wrong. Given the necessarily agitated state of things at the moment instead of publishing something a bit more meaningful I thought perhaps […]

Invitiation Ritual

A pleasure to make your acquaintance as always, dear persons! I’ve been writing at a torrential pace for the past few hours so it seemed appropriate to make a small offering to the fans. And immediately upon sacrificing that goat in front of said oscillating contraption I decided to jot […]


Good day, my finely feathered friends and others! I do hope to find you and yours exceptionally well in these admittedly turbulent times. That said, sometimes a modicum of turbulence is required to reset/ optimize an aircraft’s flight path. Scientifically I doubt that analogy is any way accurate but poetically […]

Novelty Joy

Good day, benevolent travelers. Please, sit momentarily by the warming glow of the computer monitor and listen to my tale of intrepid adventure and pyrrhic woe. Once upon a time, deep in the jungles of Peru… Nah, I’m just screwing with you, that’s not really what we do here, this […]