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Economics Pun0Pun

Happy Legalization Day, fellow Canadians! Now, should you so chose, you are free to access the hilariously inept online marketplace, (In Ontario anyway), to pay significantly higher prices for inferior goods. What a time to be alive! Had I never opened an Economics textbook I would likely still be capable […]

The Wind Beneath My Things

Seat belts, everyone! Yes, that was a Magic School Bus reference. Gamification before it was cool. Why make learning tedious when you can trick us simpletons into thinking it’s fun? There is a reason it’s so trendy these days… For once I’m going to cut to the chase. Just a quirky, […]

All that we can’t Left behind.

Well isn’t it just looking Fall AF out there today. The leaves are beyond majestic and the squirrels, much like the freshmen university students, are liable to jump out into traffic at any moment. Constant Vigilance! Thanks professor Moody. Jermaine to the third last sentence, I did tragically end the […]

Ultimate Lameness, Pun Intended.

A vexing re-occurrence of intolerable spine twinging has at least served to provide me with the time to clack upon these patterned buttons in a vaguely rhythmic manner twice now in two days. Writing. It means I’m writing. And perhaps a mite touched. As I’m quite eager to return to […]

Cloudy with a Chance of Defeat Squalls

With the passing of another auspicious celebration of a relatively successful genocide, I’m left puzzling over what is likely the true crux of Thanksgiving… does anyone actually LIKE turkey? Truthfully it seems merely the natural byproduct of the manufacturing process for stuffing and gravy. Not so dissimilar to the resultant […]