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Good day, my finely feathered friends and others! I do hope to find you and yours exceptionally well in these admittedly turbulent times. That said, sometimes a modicum of turbulence is required to reset/ optimize an aircraft’s flight path. Scientifically I doubt that analogy is any way accurate but poetically […]

Novelty Joy

Good day, benevolent travelers. Please, sit momentarily by the warming glow of the computer monitor and listen to my tale of intrepid adventure and pyrrhic woe. Once upon a time, deep in the jungles of Peru… Nah, I’m just screwing with you, that’s not really what we do here, this […]

Play Me An Eh, Please

ALMA, check your battery! We are back, folks! Emerging relatively cogent from another trek into the vaguely perilous jungle of my mind. I have gathered for you these diamonds three, of, undeniably lacklustre shine, though perhaps they could still be refined into something of minor value. Interestingly, my own brain […]

Whack A-Hole

Well hello there all you cats and kittens, did anyone else devour “Tiger King” in its entirety in less than a day? Pseudo-self-isolation has transformed my previously degenerate lifestyle into one of civic duty. I am a true Patriot. Despite my abundance of free time, I’ve little at this moment […]

This Cartesian Pain

What would you think of a reworked game of chutes and ladders called sloots and ladders? In this version, similarly, you climb up the ladders but go down on the sloots. Granted I would undoubtedly cheat by attesting a sore neck… Hello again, my friends! I’ve thought of you often. […]