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2 Weeks Notice

Here we are already good people. Two weeks is considerably more commitment than I’ve invested to most pursuits. Today’s effort was actually written yesterday. It is a tad darker than I’ve been accustomed to producing recently but I tweaked my back pretty decently and transmogrifying that quasi- agony into writing […]

Casual Intentions

An extremely hearty howdy to one and all. I trust everyone enjoyed a tolerable long weekend. Some less so than others I know. I’m touching on a subject which often perplexes me both in myself and others. You believe you know what you want and actively pursue that end. At […]

Easter is a weird holiday…

Nothing like celebrating your Lord’s horrifying torture and eventual death to stimulate an appetite. The chocolate eggs are a nice touch. It’s a shame he didn’t meander about the tomb for another few days, maybe we’d all get the entire week off. O well, the next big religion to come […]

“Generic Witticism”

Hello all, just one visit for me today. I’ll not beat around the bush (for once), I have not settled on a title for this piece yet but it was created most recently, March 29, 2018. Thank you!   Phantoms implore you to desist There is no motive to resist […]

Afternoon Report

Going to write a quick one before heading out. I intended this to be good reading but better advice for an innumerable quantity of life’s finer moments. A few of which I’m just a tad more intimate towards than perhaps one should be. Anyway… written March 28, 2018, this is, […]