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More Is Always Better

At least according to the manner with which we typically gauge success macro-economically. Damn that sentence sounds pretentious. It’s also the strategy I’m adopting today publishing two pieces in this post. As you’ve undoubtedly noticed I tend to be fairly loyal to rhyme scheme. I just love putting the pieces […]

Pall of the Souse of Usher

Good afternoon fine people! I suppose odds are in favor of some of you being not so fine but I wish you a good day nonetheless! It’s bizarrely paradoxical that as the weather has improved to this lovely apex of sunshine and bird song, my own mood has teetered over its […]

Lunch-Hour Quickie

It’s difficult not to remark the unbelievable disparity between the haves and have-nots these days. I mean that symbolically, not Province by Province (a poor Canadian redistribution joke). It can be near impossible to reconcile the extravagance of some with the desperation of others. April 28, 2018.   Unfortunate trend […]


For the record that’s “ave” as in the antiquated Roman greeting. Not “ave” like Ave Maria. It doesn’t really matter but I felt it was important to differentiate regardless. You may recall a few weeks ago there was a wicked awesome ice storm here in Southern Ontario. It seemed a […]

Coked-Up Hummingbirds

Happy Sunday all! Let’s give credit to the name and go absorb some good old vitamin D. Besides, it would undoubtedly please Sheryl Crow, and isn’t that what it’s all about? Does anything form the perfect epitome of the crossroads of annoying and dangerous more so than bad drivers? I’d […]