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Rainy Days

Good day my melodious yaks, before the Bluejays get under way I have a few minutes to share my newest creation. After raining here for the past three days I finally found the inspiration to craft something along those lines. I don’t typically write anything super long when in the […]

Bonus Footage

Good evening wonderful creatures, I hope everyone had a pleasant and productive day! Given that I seem to be accumulating material at a rate well beyond that which I am releasing it I’d like to give 2/ day a go for a bit. Everyone seems to be rather enjoying the […]

Are March Showers Worth Anything?

Good morning esteemed fellows, all are well I trust! I have some time before officially beginning this day so the time seems right for another quick one. I have March 25 as the date for this one. Untitled. Enjoy!   The masses ignorant we see Concerned just by calamity Though […]

It’s Been, One Week…

Hey friends, one week in and everything seems to be moving along satisfactorily. A big thank you to all the faceless “visitors” the statistics page notifies me of. I’m posting what I believe is my favorite poem today. I wrote it an imprecise number of years ago, what I do […]


Good morrow populace! Our avian friends are out in force serenading a return to warmer climes. These harbingers of Spring are exceedingly welcome. Today’s work is the result of aggregating many years of managing people and being managed by a wide assortment of individuals and their “styles”. It is not […]