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Good morrow populace! Our avian friends are out in force serenading a return to warmer climes. These harbingers of Spring are exceedingly welcome. Today’s work is the result of aggregating many years of managing people and being managed by a wide assortment of individuals and their “styles”. It is not […]

Sunday Pun-day

I jest of course, every day is pun-day! Just a quickie today, I have a few commitments this evening of a more unavoidable though somewhat dubious quality. Today’s selection is another newbie. Written last night. It sounds as though it’s meant to be political which wasn’t really my intention at […]

Saturday Night’s Alright for Writing

Salutations, I hope everyone is enjoying their Saturdays in whatever forms they have taken. Working or relaxing there is always a certain magic to “Saturday Night”. An everlasting positive association accrued from early years no doubt. Today’s poem is literally brand new. I just wrote it about 30 minutes ago […]

Happy Friday!

Good evening all, I hope to find everyone absurdly well! I wanted to start tonight by briefly saying a few words about my fantastic furry companion, the noble Catherine the Great. An electric, fluffy, occasional horror, she is essentially my familiar. Point being, as a demi-border collie I have the […]

A Different Track

Good afternoon my fine companions:) What an outstanding day here in Canada. Spring is in the air and on the nose, I love it! I’m going to be sharing a work of a radically different complexion from what has come thus far. I’ll euphemistically refer to the time period as […]