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A Different Track

Good afternoon my fine companions:) What an outstanding day here in Canada. Spring is in the air and on the nose, I love it! I’m going to be sharing a work of a radically different complexion from what has come thus far. I’ll euphemistically refer to the time period as […]

Day #2, How do you do?

Hello again virtual peoples! First of all thank you so much to everyone who’s provided feedback so far. Your comments are of great worth to me. Secondly, for those curious of small discrepancies, it is technically Day 2 as I first posted the earlier submission yesterday. BUT I made my […]

Virginal Post

Good afternoon all, I am exceedingly excited to begin showcasing some of the work I’ve been at for many years. While I accepted long ago that writing poetry is unlikely to shower one with riches it is certainly a favorable pass time. This particular entry I rediscovered very recently on […]