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In order to spend the hours I’m now taking to make writing a profession, I find myself lacking some capital to continue along this path in a more full time capacity.

So saying, should anyone have need of an only slightly deranged writer, I’m more than happy to earn my keep. Birthday poems or family stories reworded to be humorous, educational songs or script for children’s books. Even editing given just how desperate I may be on any given day.:)

Otherwise, should anyone with a tad more disposable income than I feel moved to donate I would indeed be immeasurably grateful.

There is zero pressure on anyone here by the way. Everyone will always be welcome and nobody will ever be expected to pay. Yes, writing is meant to be my career, but I do not believe in restricting this type of content due to an inability to acquire funds.

To anyone who now thinks less of me, fair enough. However, I truly do feel as though I’m contributing something of real worth to the World at this time and dearly wish to continue doing so to the best of my abilities. I adamantly believe my writing has legitimate value and hopefully others feel the same!*Store component to be launched very soon! Working on recording an audio book and a few other things for your pleasure and, hopefully, a morsel of profit!

May you all be blessed!

Alex Blaikie

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