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Revved Up Like A Moose

I hereby take you, to be my reader, to salve and to scold, as debtor or worse, for ditcher, for borer, in thickness and in stealth, to shove and to perish, till death screw us smart. The sad part is I wrote a few different openings and that was still […]

Richard Priory of Sion

Good afternoon, fine, anonymous denizens of the World Wide Web. On your phone? Are you connected to a network? Sometimes I turn WiFi off then forget to turn it back on… To the one person who perhaps was just saved the better part of 7 cents, you are exceedingly welcome. […]

It’s Been Awhile

Since I’ve seen the way, the candles light your face… Amazing song, “It’s Been Awhile”, by Staind. Don’t allow the lame band name to scare you off of one the greatest singles of all time. For sure, that’s a long list but what do I/ you care? It’s topical to my […]

The Shunning of the Bulls

Good day, dear friends! Did I not tell you that you could walk upon the water, why did you not believe me? …Hold on… that may have been some other dude. Ever feel like you’re spending time staying out of trouble? Like you can’t stand still because it would find […]

Of Mouse and Man

Good day to you, children of all ages! I have so many projects on the go currently that I am afraid my poetry has suffered some. Paradoxically, given it’s only three weeks past the summer equinox, my days have never seemed shorter! Quick and wonderfully redundant story from the other […]